Case Studies


Case Studies

Growing sales capability with fletcher building


One of the largest listed companies in New Zealand – manufacturing and distributing building products throughout New Zealand and across the Tasman. With over 5000 salespeople and 35 standalone businesses, Fletcher Building needed a comprehensive training programme to transform its team.

Models with hotspots

Activitaion sessions run in the business


Our challenge was to transform an existing 6 day advanced sales programme into a blended solution. We had a short time frame, a limited budget and there were numerous factors we needed to consider:
  • The learners had a wide variety of capability, so we knew that one size wouldn’t fit all.
  • We had numerous different stakeholders who all wanted the solution to reflect their own business so it had to be easy to customise.
  • The sales force is mobile and needed access to information at a moment’s notice.
  • They wanted to move away from traditional e-learning methods


  • We developed a specifically designed approach using online modules to cover critical concepts and face-to-face activation sessions to apply the learning to real business situations.
  • We made the sessions run for 1-2 hours by the sales leaders within the business.
  • We developed online modules using Articulate Rise to ensure optimal responsiveness across mobile. The modules were developed so learners could take as much or as little as they needed depending on the situation.
  • We used video, animation, interviews with established market leaders, an editable toolset, and proven templates that included numerous tips and tricks that the sales force could harness at a moment’s notice.
  • Each module also had access to professional curated material that supported and built upon their learning.
  • To ensure our solution met the needs of all the businesses, we created a project team with stakeholders and subject matter experts. In addition, all material was thoroughly tested within each business before sign-off.

These modules are fully customisable to suit all businesses through changing out branding, graphics, colours, case studies, and business scenarios.

Learning that supports the diverse nature of the business


Company wide Increased capability in core sales behaviours exhibited in the sales force.

Increased confidence in having sales discussion specifically around negotiation, presenting and resolving customer conflict to improve sales conversion success rate

Increased positive learner engagement.

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